Dr Rob Conway

Anaesthetist, Wilderness Medic & Founder of Medberry

Dr Sandeep Bansal

Founder & CEO of
Medic Creations

Dr Indra Joshi

Clinical Lead Digital Urgent & Emergency Care

Dr Asif Munaf

Doctor and Founder of DateSMOOTHIE

Dr Michael Barry

Emergency Medicine Doctor and Software Developer

Dr Kato Wong

Meditation Practitioner, Artist, Ex-Doctor

Dr David Peat

Occupational Health Physician and Aviation Specialist

Dr Smitha Mundasad

Broadcast Journalist at BBC News, Ex-Doctor

Dr Ali Blatcher

Doctor, Wilderness Medic and TV doctor

Dr Tristan Mehta

Founder of

Dr Ashish Patel

Venture Capitalist at Mercia Technologies & Doctor

Miss Stephanie Eltz

Orthopaedic Surgeon & Founder of Doctify

Mr. Suman Saha

Orthopaedic Surgeon & Founder of Doctify

Dr Abeyna Jones

Founder of Medic Footprints, Occupational Health Physician

Dr Amy Nelson

Doctor with Special Interest in Data Science

Miss Priyanka Chadha

Plastic Surgery Registrar and Founder of Acquisition Aesthetics

Dan Garland

Founder of WeGotCoders

Jonathan Abraham

CEO of Healum

Dr Edward Fitzgerald

Surgeon | Global Healthcare Executive, KPMG

Dr Lafina Diamandis

Co-Founder Eurekadoc | Paediatric Doctor | Educator


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